Class One: Introduction to OTT (30 second snippet)

Class Two: Evolution of OTT (30 second snippet)

Collaboration with the SpotX team, we developed a series of video classes to teach potential customers the benefits and value of Connected Television over regular cable TV. Our responsibilities included original storyboards of video timelines, infographic design, & overseeing the art direction to ensure consistency of animations and transitions for each video class.

Class Three: Understanding OTT Measurements (one minute snippet)

Eskabar Creative has gone above and beyond for our company. 

His work is done extremely well and he finished projects quicker than any other designer we’ve worked with. He’s accommodated tight deadlines, learned new design tools, and coached my team on his methodologies. We’ve elevated our training department working with Jeff and would proudly recommend him to any company looking to take their design to the next level.