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Made in
the Middle.

We create brands & experiences around good design & honest people. Born in the Midwest in 2008, we've kept our business model simple; create things our clients love while building meaningful relationships.

Creating Cohesive

In these digital days, people embrace brands with customer experiences through online platforms. So we focus on three capabilities; Brand, Content and Experience to create a unified solution for your greatest business growth.


Brand Research.

Industry Data Collection.


Typography & Color.


UI / UX.

Mobile Applications.

Website Design.

Print Media.



Facebook Content.

Campaign Marketing.

General Marketing.

I’ve worked with Eskabar Creative for many years. I can unequivocally recommend Jeff Haddock as a consummate professional. Jeff has a way of diligently surfacing the needs of everyone around the table and then delivering far beyond what was expected. Eskabar constantly delivers visual content that communicate difficult subjects elegantly. 

With Jeff’s keen eye and a strong input on artistic direction I have always been able to deliver better work with Eskabar on the team. Through our many engagements Eskabar has delivered work in many mediums (print and large format) and has allowed me to present my efforts in the best light possible. Simply put, I truly believe that Eskabar can take any creative project to the next level and offer my recommendation without reservation.

Amanda Bradham-Little

Vice President of Marketing, Bissinger's Chocolatier.

I began working with Jeffrey Haddock in early 2014 on our first project together, the brand identity of The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s, a new event space in St. Louis, MO. This included assisting in naming, logo development, website design and print advertising campaigns. He provided an effective, clear, and attractive brand identity that will stand the test of time. The process of working with him proves fairly simple. Once ideas are communicated with him, it typically only takes one shot at a brilliant result, and far timelier than I’ve experienced in the past. What makes Jeffrey special and uniquely qualified is his gift and drive to understand the message and the 30,000-foot view, as well as the correct demographic.

His talents have made me a loyal “customer.” I use quotations because it feels more like a business partnership as his buy-in is evident. Soon we’ll be opening a new restaurant and we’re now finalizing our fourth logo together and soon will be embarking on our fifth website. But if someone else doesn’t find him charming and talented, that’s certainly okay with me. That just means more time on my projects. I have more than enough to keep him busy! I don’t need to share right?

Vinny Troia

CEO / Principal Security Consultant Night Lion Security.

Jeff has been my go to designer for years. I love working with him. He just gets it. He knows how something should look in order to elicit the reaction we are looking for, and he gets it done with little direction. If I’m unsure of a particular direction, I know he is always available to help us work through it. 5 stars all the way!!!

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